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Colleges Struggle to Respond to Graduate Students in Distress

By Stacey Patton, The Chronicle of Higher Education - August 16, 2012
Nick Repak, executive director of the nonprofit group Grad Resources, started a national crisis line for graduate students in 1999. He was prompted to act by the suicide of a Harvard Ph.D. student who... » MORE

National Graduate Student Crisis Line - Immediate Help for Grads in Crisis 1-800-GRAD-HLP   » READ ABOUT

Recent studies have shown that the pressures of academic performance, finances, advisor relationships and other factors create intense anxiety for many graduate students, bringing some to a dangerous point of crisis.

That's why we've come up with the National Graduate Student Crisis Line -- a toll-free, 24-hour hotline staffed by highly trained phone counselors who understand the unique issues faced by grad students like you. » MORE

» Grad Resources wishes to express our deepest sympathies to the victims and families of the Aurora, CO shooting. «

The tragic events of last week point out the fragile nature of some graduate students who face academic failure and the death of a dream. For over 20 years, Grad Resources has stood as a voice of hope and help for grads who struggle with life challenges. Become familiar with the symptoms of depression in graduate students and help us refer them to services like the National Grad Crisis-Line (800-GRAD-HLP).

Get Connected

No one understands the unique challenges faced by graduate students like other grad students: the financial pressures, the academic struggles with research or advisors, or simply the day to day issues of balancing life and graduate school. If you would like to connect with other grads... » MORE

Stress and Relief for American Graduate Students: Results from a Nationwide Survey

There is no shortage of anecdotal evidence suggesting that graduate school is a stressful time of life. Ask any graduate student - or former graduate student - about his or her life and you are sure to hear stories of nightmarish academic advisors, absurdly lengthy reading assignments, horrifying TA experiences, do-or-die qualifying exams, failed lab experiments, and dissertations that seemingly have no end. » MORE

Study Methodology

A national study of graduate students was commissioned by Grad Resources through Dr. Robert Woodberry at the University of Texas, Sociology Department with full IRB approval. Universities were selected using a stratified random... » MORE

E-Mentors Available

Graduate life can be the best of times, but it can often seem like the worst of times. Nick Repak, National Director of Grad Resources, has started a weekly email letter to those who have requested E-Mentor assistance. His initial topics have included Time Management, Prof/Grad Relationships, Financial Pressures, and other issues grad students face. » MORE